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Roblox is a unique gaming site that has been created targeting young children.  It gives them the opportunity to craft a world of their own and explore. Since its most popular users are children who fall within the age group of 6-15, parental control is recommended if the child is very young. The site also has profanity filters and a team work towards ensuring that all posts are clean. Roblox was first released in the year 2005 and has come a long way ever since in terms of visuals and gameplay.

Starting Roblox

Creating an account in Roblox is easy and doesn’t require much time. In fact, you don’t even require an email id to register an account. However, if you do enter an email address, you will be rewarded with ‘verified’ hat and further be given the option of password retrieval in case you forget your password. The main website is quite similar to MySpace and is designed like a social networking webpage. Gamers will be able to leave messages for friends, add friends, create groups and even join events. However, it is not these features that make the game all the more interesting. You will be able to access the fun part of the website when you click on the Games tab located on Menu.

Playing Games

The Games tab will lead you to a page that gives you a roll of all the popular places that are created by other gamers. You will have to download and install the Roblox browser in order to enter these places and this will give you instant access to these games along with the ability to create your own place in Roblox. You can also experience what others have in mind by playing the games that are created by other users.

Two Basic Categories

There are a few categories under which games fall like arena and obby (obstacle).

  • Arena games: These games generally involve players using weapons in order to kill each other and are a massive frag fest. Slings, bombs, bazookas and swords are some of the common weapons that are in use.
  • Obby games: Also known as obstruction games, they are like platformers and involve players jumping platforms and even walking on narrow ledges.

Playing these games give players the right to purchase different sized ships, various items, to fish as well as progress through the game. Some of the interesting games are cafes, mini-game rooms, WW II and more. Roblox is a game that is ideal for children not only for the gaming spirit but also for the education value that it has to offer. Creativity of the young mind can be horned with the help of this game which gives them the opportunity to explore the realm of virtual reality by creating their own place and also visiting others place for inspiration and learning. When in trouble you can use the Roblox free robux to become proficient in the game. Roblox cheats can be found online for free.

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